European Micro-Pavé

European Micro-Pavé… The New Fashion Way!

A technique redefined by Claude…

These latest designs are part of the most ingenious and challenging ideas ever achieved by Claude Thibaudeau.

The results are amazing because of the creativity involved in setting the very small diamonds under a microscope…This ancient European technique has been entirely redefined by Claude and called European Micro-Pavé. The time invested on each stone to perfectly calibrate them individually (one by one)… in order to match precisely their millimeter size and diameter, is simply unbelievable.

The outstanding work that follows depends very much on the perfect calibration step. This is why Claude is investing so much time for his preparation. He then goes under the microscope to accurately set each stone, individually, and assembles them side by side (girdle to girdle), which translates into more diamond sparkle, and less metal between the stones, so that the ring reflects the fire from the diamonds instead of the metal engraving. A well executed Euro micro-pavé pattern resembles the smoothness of velvet. This unique technique is only available with the skills and talent of Claude and his team! This type of setting technique with so much precision is the same technique that the finest European watch companies apply to their high end products. Claude has combined and applied this setting technique to his designs. Here in Montreal at Claude Thibaudeau Design we specialize in fine designer jewelry and our setting craftsmanship is constantly compared to some of the finest renowned European Swiss watch companies.

The European micro-pavé setting technique is applied in several designs from Claude Thibaudeau’s collection.  Please note that Claude’s European micro-pavé setting is not to be compared to the typical micro-pavé setting that is utilized in the jewelry industry, it is a completely unique method of setting.  Claude Thibaudeau Designs are handmade highly precision set jewelry pieces, and Claude’s Euro Micro-pavé highlights the immense value of the center diamonds.

The main strongest point when selling Claude’s European micro-pavé design, is to underline, and focus on the quantity and the quality of diamonds “VS-VVS”, that are precisely set by hand under microscope, instead of selling the diamond total weight.

When viewing the collection in this picture workbook catalog please note that the style numbers ending in MP represent Claude’s unique European micro-pavé design, and also beside each description of the diamond TW, it is identified as “Euro micro-pavé”.

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