Ulric Thibaudeau starts his apprenticeship at age of 15 at Hemsley’s jewelers in Montreal, Canada.


Ulric Thibaudeau opens his own boutique; jewelry, watchmaking and jewelry repairs, located at 370 St-Laurent in Montreal. His three sons, Albert, Alfred, Edouard, and two daughters, Albina and Albertine, are all involved in the business, which changes addresses several times: 96 St-François-Xavier, 33 St-Jean and 1632 Notre-Dame East, in Montreal, Canada.


Albert Thibaudeau heads up the business.


Edouard Thibaudeau, a World War I veteran, goes into partnership with Albert Thibaudeau.


January 31, 1921, Ulric Thibaudeau passed away.


Edouard Thibaudeau sets up shop on his own at 909 Bleury, and later on at 923 Bleury in Montreal.


Edouard Thibaudeau moves his shop to 359 St-Jacques in Montreal, where he works until he passed away on September 21st, 1950.


Edouard’s three sons, Jean, Germain and Gilles Thibaudeau, carry on their father’s business under the name Ed. Thibaudeau ET Fils Inc. (specialized in wholesale jewelry repair)


Ed. Thibaudeau ET Fils Inc. moves to 637 Craig Street West in Montreal


Claude, the son of Germain Thibaudeau, starts his apprenticeship as a jeweler and gem setter at age 12 after school during the summer.


Under Germain’s management, Ed. Thibaudeau ET Fils lnc. expands once again.


Ed. Thibaudeau ET Fils Inc. celebrates its 1OOth year anniversary.


Claude Thibaudeau, aged 25, takes on a major challenge by designing his own jewelry collection in the basement of his home in Châteauguay a suburb of Montreal. Création Thibaudeau jeweler, designer and manufacturer is born.


Création Thibaudeau lnc. moves to 460 St. Catherine Street West, Suite 914, in Montreal. Claude’s wife Monique handles the company’s accounting duties. Claude’s 21-year-old brother Marc joins the team as Sales Manager.


After two expansions, the company moves to suite 804 of the same building, into premises three times the size! Marc is appointed Vice-President.


Création Thibaudeau has over 1,200 retailers from coast to coast represented by five salespeople.


Création Thibaudeau reaches new heights by entering the US market for the first time at the Las Vegas JCK Show. The Claude Thibaudeau Montréal collection is launched. This signature will be used in Canada and the U.S.


Création Thibaudeau celebrates its 10th anniversary. It creates and launches its Pure Perfection Collection (Platinum & 24KT) and The lnseparables (two-piece intertwined bands).


Création Thibaudeau wins the Griffe d’Or award for the best new jewelry designer. This trophy was presented during a televised presentation in cooperation with the Quebec Ministry of Industry and Trade.


Germain Thibaudeau, still at the helm of Ed. Thibaudeau ET Fils Inc., passed away on September 7th at age 67, when the company was celebrating its 125th anniversary.


After making its international debut with several years of shows in Las Vegas, New York, Atlantic City and Orlando, among others, the company attempts to foray into the Virgin Islands. This leads to clients in Nassau, St. Maarten, Antigua, Bermuda, as well as several other prospects in Aruba, St. Martin and the Cayman Islands.


Claude’s brother Marc Thibaudeau decides to undertake some sales trips through certain U.S. states where the company is still not represented. During the year, Création Thibaudeau’s U.S. sales reach unprecedented levels.


Expansion and growing business in the United States & the Caribbean’s requires us to move our factory into a brand new bigger location, downtown Montreal.


Creation Thibaudeau reaches new levels by being accepted to exhibit at the prestigious World Watch and Jewellery Basel 2002 in Switzerland. Out of 2,200 exhibitors from over 40 different countries, Claude Thibaudeau is the only Canadian Designer showing in Basel 2002. The collection is now available to jewelry retailers from across the world.


Claude Thibaudeau Designs introduces 45 degree Micro-Pavé designs from La Royale Collection. This new and innovative method of setting lays the groundwork for future European Micro-Pavé designs.


Celebrating 135 Years of Family Tradition in the Jewelry business, Claude Thibaudeau Designs launches his latest and greatest collection: European Micro-Pavé, exquisite hand created masterpieces set using a microscope by Claude’s hand-picked craftsmen. The diamonds are set very close to each other (girdle to girdle) which gives this collection the most diamond sparkling effect on each design.


Hann Thibaudeau who is Claude’s daughter of 21 years old joins the team and leads the manufacturing to become Claude’s manager in production.

1872 Until Present Day

All Claude Thibaudeau Collections are proudly designed and crafted in North America

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