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Thanks for sharing our love story. This is what I did.

I sent Nancy to her bedroom with champagne and the iPad with a classic romantic movie to watch as I set up the house (the movie was Romantic Holiday with Peck and Hepburn). It house was set up in such a way that she ‘walked’ through our lives together, emails, texts, events, and moments where printed and illustrated and hung for the ceiling in mobiles. As she turned the hallway from the bedroom she arrived in the kitchen area which was lit up with candles and flowers. This ‘time’ of our relationship was the moments that we became committed as a couple and talked about building a life together. Then, I had the patio door draped and pulled back the curtain so she could walk out into the moment of our life that I officially propose to become man and wife. It was intended to be a magical and wonderful setting. It’s also the place that we first met, and her deck idea that brought us together.

Nancy took pictures so you could see.

I’m a very happy man,



From the moment you conceived of building this deck, you set into motion that our paths in life would cross. Then… on that fateful day, when we first met, a seed was planted which began to grow, into ‘this’.

As we began to date and spend more time together, I observed the obscure dream I had of a wife, a partner, a life shared with that certain someone; it all came into focus with such clarity, that you are the perfect piece that fits within the missing part of me. In other words, you are the one I have loved, and longed for, from before I ever got to lay my eyes upon you.

So it seems fitting on this very deck that I built for you, I declare that given the chance, I will spend a life time; Loving you, Adoring you, Listening and talking with you, Missing you when I am not by your side, Desiring you, Wanting you, and forever affectionately Kissing you.

Nancy Kay Eggink… Would you allow me the honor; To be apart of your life, To let me share my life with you, To build a life together upon “this”, and to become from here forward, Husband and Wife?”

She said yes.

I have been watching Claude Thibaudeau designs for more than 11 years (when I got engaged). I check your website every 6 months or so, to see what new breath-taking designs are added. Sometimes I’m on your website for hours trying to pick a favorite. I am particularly fond of La Royale collection. I plan to visit an authorized jeweler during my next vacation to possibly see one of these amazing beauties in person. My new favorite 3 are:
1. PLT-10204-MPY                               2. MODPLT-1965-MPR                3. PLT-10193-MP-BDT-SE


I dream of wearing a Claude Thibaudeau design! Just wanted you to know.

Lisa Roberson


When my fiance and I started our search for the perfect engagement setting, I was disappointed that every jeweler had the same thing.  I wanted quality as well as a unique piece.  I found Claude Thibaudeau by chance and fell in love with their designs.  They worked with us to create a unique and memorable engagement ring.  I am constantly stopped for compliments and cannot give enough praise!  We also added his and her wedding bands and will continue to work with Claude and family for future pieces.  Their work is second to none – they are personal and dedicated to their craft, which shows in every beautiful piece of jewelry!

Renee Baker

I have purchased a Thibaudeau creation that should be in your hands having the stone set as we speak.  I purchased at Leo Robbins in Delaware, USA. The experience was rewarding and the ring is beautiful.  Once again thank you. I will tell many about Thibaudeau…and already have.

Steve McDaniel

Sirs Thibaudeau!

Thank you for your efforts to aid in the purchase of my Inseparables rings.  This morning Curtis Ganem of Ganem Jewelers in Phoenix and I met and resolved our frustrations and miscommunications regarding previous efforts to produce the engagement ring.  We have picked out an GIA-certified 0.86 carat G SI1 diamond that I think will compliment your setting better than the previous diamond, and it is being sent to you ASAP for incorporation into a NEW ring of the same design.  As well, I purchased a matching men’s platinum band for myself, and am very excited about how the two rings will look together.

I feel strongly that Curtis Ganem and I have restored a positive feeling surrounding this experience, and that he has represented you and your designs with care and professionalism.  Again, I thank you both for the effort to help in my pursuit of your rings, and in the inspirational jewelry you continue to create.  I look forward to receiving Amber’s engagement ring from you, and am sure it will be as beautiful as originally intended.  I promise you, she will wear it with amazing style and grace.

Sincerely,    Brad Moore

I’m so happy to find a location so close!  Here’s the truth about how I found out about your jewelry.  I was searching for meteorite jewelry pieces as well as just starting a quest for a wedding ring.

I have to say that I was blown away by your designs and have decided not to try to design my own as I previously planned.  I’m excited to see designs like 1171 and 1257, they are especially intriguing pieces!  This is one of those situations that was by chance and exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks so much,

Cherie Austin


Love all the designs and creations of this magnificent designer… Best work I have ever seen. My question is: Where in Europe can I buy any of these creations?

Kind regards, Dirk Houtveen

The Netherlands


I am so excited to have found your rings!!  My fiancée and I have been searching through dozens of stores looking for the perfect rings.  I have been looking for something that represented our two selves remaining as individuals but joining together to become one.  Your designs do just that!!!

Sheryl Luttringer

Jess and I have now been engaged for a month, and I would like to say a huge thank you to you for your help in creating such a spectacular ring…  It is unbelievable!!!

Thank you


Hello.  I am so thrilled that I found your website.  Your Pure Perfection collection is beautiful.  My husband surprised me last month with a new stone for my wedding band.  Although I love my band I don’t feel it does my new stone justice.  I would love to see my new stone set in one of your rings.

Where can I buy your collection, I live Maple Grove, MN (suburb of Minneapolis).

Renee Bradow


I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful piece of art my husband gave me as my engagement and now wedding rings (We got married a year ago but I asked him that in our first anniversary I wanted the wedding band which I received on the 21 of January) .The diamond that you put in my tension ring is an old mine cut and was my husband’s grandmother. She left Cuba in 1963 and asked a diplomat to put her diamond on his luggage. Even though she risked almost her life for this at her arrival to Mexico she got back her gem. For me this rings represent all the love and care my wonderful husband has for me… he always told me that he wanted to give me the most beautiful, different and artistic piece as his token for his love….An old and unique gem blends with a contemporary art piece…. You make it real!

Thanks and may God always bless you all, Sincerely, Enid Torregrosa


Please feel free to use my note on your website. I want people to know what a great artist and jeweler you are and how much happiness your pieces bring to people in love. Thank you again.

God bless you always,

Enid Torregrosa,

(Originally from San Juan Puerto Rico and now living in Allentown, PA)

Hi Claude and team Creation Thibaudeau

Hello Claude.  I LOVE the ring.  I received it this afternoon and have been wearing it for about 5 hours.  I find it very comfortable and it is a MASTERPIECE!

Thank you to you and Marc for creating this ring for me.

I love it!!!


I appreciate your business.  Thank you.  Pam

Dearest Marilyn

Our ring is just as exquisite, elegant and marvelous as we imagined it could be! It looks amazing on Keri–what doesn’t!–and we are completely satisfied!

We both thank you so very much for your time and service. We are happy and I am personally so very proud and pleased that my wife has exactly what she wanted!

Take care and again, thank you!

Keri & Jeremiah

Thank you!


We are so excited! I thank you so very much for your time and energy! I want my wife to be happy and you help make it possible! Outstanding!

Thank you and we appreciate everything,


Your nice words

Hi Marilyn!

I know it has taken ages for me to respond to this, but we have been swamped and short staffed since the holidays. I don’t remember quite what I told you on the phone that day, but the ring is absolutely beautiful! When we opened the box and saw the light we were just tickled, what a great idea for presentation. The workmanship on this piece is wonderful, all the details, it is stunning, and the fit could not be more perfect. It is so comfortable, never spins on me… is like it was made for me! ;)

I could not be happier with it.

Stephane and I were completely impressed with the customer service that we received from you and from Chateau D’Ivoire and Claude Thibaudeau Designs in general. As you know, I had chosen Thibaudeau designs as the ring I wanted…..I did not want something traditional or ordinary or common, and this is certainly not. We had difficulty finding a jeweler that could show us a selection of styles (let alone styles I was interested in, the more unusual ones….) and you went above and beyond to find a solution to that for us.

I can’t thank you enough, you helped make this a very special experience for both of us; one that will be part of our wedding memories that we will not forget.

Thanks again Marilyn, and thank you to Claude as well for everything.

All the best,


Thank you Marilyn!

Our 2nd anniversary is actually Monday, September 24th!

I would be honored to be included in your testimonial section. I cannot say enough about the quality of service that has been provided to us through Claude Thibaudeau. A company that takes pride in every piece and the quality stands out second to none (which is even apparent on the website). I cannot wait to see MY actual piece and cherish it for a lifetime.

Your kindness does not go unnoticed Marilyn. If we are ever in Montreal we will be looking you up!


Excellent customer service with a beautiful product to go with it too :)

Have a very good weekend


Tola Odunuga

Thank you! Thibaudeau ring


Just wanted to take a minute and thank you once again for your superb assistance!

The ring is beautiful and exactly what I wanted from Claude.

Thanks again,

Jeremy Cox

A Huge Thank You!

Claude Thibaudeau,

I wanted to thank you for the gorgeous engagement and wedding band you made for me.  Your customer service was the best I have ever seen.  I ordered both rings through different jewelers after being disappointed with a custom made engagement ring.  Tricia Murray at Jubilee Jewellers in Ottawa was fantastic to work with and her relationship with you and ability to have a wedding band made to match my Royale Collection engagement ring and to have a wax mold shipped to the store for me to see was impressive.  I can’t thank you enough for the superior workmanship, the attention to detail and the most beautiful ring I have ever seen.  You were able to make both rings prior to our wedding date of September 25th and I thank you for that.  Your jewellery is a piece of art and I am so happy to be wearing a Claude Thibaudeau!  I cannot thank you enough for your efforts to make these rings for me, I am so happy.


Sandra Williams & Cory Weppler

Thank you for designing such a beautiful ring!

Hi – I just wanted to say that the Le Royale (MODPLT-1602) is a work of art!  My husband and I live in the Phoenix area and he just purchased the Le Royale for me from Ganem Jewelers in Ahwatukee, AZ for our 9th anniversary.  Rebecca at Ganem was great to work with and she could say nothing but fabulous things about everyone in Claude Thibaudeau’s organization.  The ring is absolutely stunning and I appreciate you getting it to me so quickly!


Diana Gaddy

Thank you/LOVE the ring

To Whom It May Concern:

I was compelled to write and thank you and express my appreciation for making me this stunning ring. I simply love it.  I love the yellow pave18kt gold pure perfection ring with the platinum pave bar.  Unseen, you never truly know. Maxwell at David Fairclough Jewelers did a great job of coordinating everything with you. Ive been a customer of David Fairclough Jewelers for over 22 years. I fell in love with Claude Thibaudeau’s work displayed in their case.  When Maxwell showed me the white gold ring in the case, I instantly fell in love with it’s design and blend of old and new. Max said it could be made for me in 18kt. yellow gold with platinum. I knew then the ring, for me, would be…..pure perfection (well named), and it is.!!

Thank you.

Sincerely: Katie

I just wanted to send a quick note.  I think these rings are the best I’ve seen for style and design.  Although my budget does not allow me to be able to afford the one I really love.  Great job.  I am recommending your rings to everyone.

Thanks for reading.

Robert DeWitt

Please pass this note along to Claude. . . .


My wife, Cynthia Yates, was the recipient of the wedding ring set that was ordered recently by Bove Jewelers in Kennett Square, PA.

I wanted to write you directly to say how deeply impressed I was with the final ring-set that Claude created for my wife.  After I received the rings from Shirley at Bove Jewelers, I presented them to my wife – She was deeply moved by them.  I had to go out for a dinner meeting but, afterwards, I returned home, and she was sitting on our couch with the light on, just staring at her hand. . . .I knew at that point how happy she was with the rings.

Please convey my personal thanks to Claude and the entire team at your organization for putting out such exceptional jewelry.

Claude’s personalized note to my wife was also greatly appreciated.

I’m sure that my wife will wear these rings proudly throughout our life together.

A Truly Satisfied Client

Henry Yates

Diamond ring

I picked up my new diamond ring from Ganem Jewelers in Scottsdale, AZ today.  This is the ring you created around my pear shaped diamond.  It is absolutely beautiful!  Thank you so much.

This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece – I can’t wait to show my friends.

I will be keeping my eye open for future pieces.  I’m proud to wear such a stunning creation.  You do beautiful work!

Thank you.

Donna Huhn

Hi Marilyn,

I just wanted to send you a quick note and Thank You for all your help in getting us the dream engagement ring and wedding band :o) We’ve been very busy lately and I haven’t proposed yet (working on it), but we both feel great knowing that we now have the ideal rings!

Jim was extremely friendly and took the time to explain things to us, just awesome service, as you mentioned :o)

Have a great day and let’s stay in touch, our paths might cross again down the road.



Merci beaucoup pour les explications!  Tout est sous contrôle!

Vos bijoux sont EXTRAORDINAIRES!!!  Si je peux gagner à Loto Max, je serai la plus fidèle de vos clientes!!!

Bonne journée!

Chantal Richer

Hi Marilyn!

Just a quick hello and wanted to tell you how much attention and admiration my Thibaudeau ring is still getting….people stop me in stores, spot it across meeting rooms with rows of people between us, and honestly the number of people who tell me it is the most stunning, beautiful ring they have seen is pretty impressive.

Most people ask who designed it and I tell them, but of course tell them they are not allowed to get the same one! ;)

No date set yet, but I will keep you posted

Hope all is well!



I just wanted to tell you how happy I am that my fiancé purchased one of your rings.  He purchased it in Kingston at Tres Ors, the people there are wonderful.  He got the one that is on your card and front page of your catalogues.  I have had many positive comments about my ring.  You are truly amazing.  Now I have to save up to get the wedding band that goes with it.

Amanda Walker

Good evening

I have just ordered my ring from the Cathédrale collection, ring # 45 on the website. I absolutely love the simple symmetry of the design, and the bold pure effect. I’ve ordered it in 18 K white gold/palladium with a yellow gold mounting….I can hardly wait to see it.

You have the most beautiful designs I’ve seen yet. I’m not a bride, at least not a new one. My grandmother, who was 104 years old, passed away and left me her engagement ring. I couldn’t bear to wear her ring, so I had the diamond removed from the old setting and I ordered the band listed above. The diamond will look stunning in the new setting and it will be a treasure to hand down to my daughter.

Thank you for creating such beautiful timeless pieces.

Denise Galashan


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful designs. My boyfriend and I went yesterday and ordered my engagement ring, I cannot wait to wear it. Since we starting looking in Edmonton at Independent Jewelers I’ve always been drawn to your displace. I have attempted to look at other rings but nothing compared to your designs. We finally purchased my dream ring and it was from your collection, the order is on its way to you right know. I will be so proud to show everyone my engagement ring and even more proud to say it is a Claude Thibaudeau design.  Thank you for designing breath taking rings and thank you for being Canadian.

Your client forever,

Sheri Wihlidal


My name is Joanna Kail and I wanted to tell you how much I LOVE my ring. My husband bought it for me as a wedding ring in 1998. It’s the OR-DECO Collection, two-tone, filligree’d ring. I adore it and have received countless compliments on it. Just three years ago my husband bought another ring for our 7th wedding anniversary (he deamed it the “7 year itch” ring!) and without knowing it I had picked another design of yours. You’re clearly an extremely talented designer and I wanted to express my gratitude for your efforts

Best Regards,

Joanna N. Kail