Platinum & 18Kt Rose Gold
Also available in 18Kt White
4.75ct Round
+ 1.03ct vs tw Euro Micro-Pavé
48 dia

Product description


The Pure Perfection collection is in a class of its own, complimented by the union of two perfect, precious metals: platinum and pure gold. These daring new designs, on which Claude Thibaudeau has built his reputation, are enhanced by the innovative use of an integrated, 24-karat post — an impressive feature. Platinum is a brilliantly white, highly resistant metal. When it is highlighted with sumptuous pure gold, the result is, quite simply perfect.

The most recent by pass designs are enhanced by the addition of several European micro-pavé set diamonds which are integrated on the post to create a very contrasting and sparkling effect to the design, which now blends contemporary along with a vintage inspiration.

The challenge for Claude was to be able to insert the smallest diameter post in order to set the tiniest diamonds without affecting the rigidity of the ring, this creates a very delicate and feminine look.

All designs from the Pure Perfection collection are available in Platinum and also in 18Kt white gold blended with Palladium, “Nickel Free”. Some are featured with 18Kt rose, yellow or green gold and also some are combined with 24Kt pure gold bar accent making these designs even more attractive!

Claude’s designs are all proudly crafted and designed in North America.

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Claude Thibaudeau Designer

Thank you for visiting award-winning designer Claude Thibaudeau, where originality and designs are synonymous to a fine jewelry collection. I invite you to browse the site to contemplate a glimpse of the many collections, and view our jewelry videos.

I am truly dedicated in creating the finest quality craftsmanship and my goal is to exceed your expectations. All my Collections are entirely designed and crafted in North America.

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